Quality Associates

Electronics Manufacturing Solutions Provider

Manufacturers' Representatives serving MI, OH, IN, KY, WV, W. PA


SMT Assembly


SMT and THT pick and place, Speedprint stencil

printers, SMD storage towers

Reflow ovens-

Closed loop convection

and Vacuum reflow

Conveyors and material

handling systems

Photonic/Pulseforge soldering and

curing for printed electronics

Reflow, wave, selective solder

profiling systems

Assembly and


Test, Measurement and Inspection

Soldering and Rework

Electronics Bench, Tools, Circuit Boards

Cleaners and Chemistry

ESD Control


Dispensing and  Coating

Process Fume


Smart component handling, MSD, and stencil storage systems

Robotic odd form assembly, inline PCB routing systems, plasma cleaning

De-paneling, Hot Bar, Presses, PCB racks-magazines-fixtures, material handling

Custom automation with

integration by Fancort

Laser marking and

Laser depanel systems

Batch and inline PCB routers

Production board test systems and automated ICT testing

X-ray inspection system, X-ray parts counter systems, BGA rework systems

LED magnifier inspection lights, Microscopes, task lights, machine lights

Flying probe PCB test systems

Soldering and reworks systems, Benchtop fume extraction

Solder Plus Support  Paste, wire, flux, bar, reclaim program

Selective solder systems- batch and in-line.  

Wave Solder systems  PCB wash systems

Robotic soldering systems and Laser soldering systems

Process fume extraction systems


Workstations, benches, cabinets, chairs, shelving, carts. (Michigan only)

Electronics chemicals- flux removers, wipes, swabs, conformal coating, board washing, stencil wipes, board masking

PCB fabrication- Detroit based mfg

Hand tools- cutters, pliers, tweezers & wire strippers

Workstations, benches, racks, material handling systems.  (excluding Michigan)

Batch cleaning systems for stencils and PCB washing. Low volume stencil printers.

In-line PCB wash systems

Cleaning chemicals for batch and in-line cleaners as well as vapor degreasers.

Vapor degreasing systems

Solvent cleaning systems  

Nano coating systems

ESD Control products including mats, straps, monitors, ionizers and more.

Corrugated cardboard or Plastek ESD bins/boxes. Custom products available.

ESD accessories- pump bottles, brushes, lotions, document holders, benchtop fume extraction, etc.

Ionograph cleanliness testing systems

Dispensing and Conformal Coating systems. Convection and UV Curing ovens.

Conformal Coating materials- Silicone, Acrylic, and Urethane.  Coating remover and thinner.

Adhesives, pottings, encapsulants, underfills

ESD flooring: tiles, interlocking tiles, epoxy, carpet

Inline test handling systems

LED magnifier lights & Microscopes

Desoldering braid & Stencil roll wipes

Storage and

Inventory Management

SMT and THT pick and place, Speedprint stencil

printers, SMD storage towers

Dry cabinets for component and PCB storage